We deliver hassle-free protection against the influenza virus (flu) to workplaces in Melbourne.



I-IMMUNISE has a dedicated team of immunisation experts experienced in delivering tailored healthcare solutions and we will work closely with you to design a workplace flu vaccination program that gives your business maximum protection.

What is the flu?

This common virus is a highly contagious condition that primarily affects the respiratory system. Often mistaken for the common cold, the flu can give rise to moderate to severe illness, and in some cases, death in younger children or the elderly.

There are two types of this virus that can be identified by specialists: A and B. Both are seasonal and usually emerge in the colder months.

What are the symptoms?

This virus is usually contracted by sneezing, coughing or when someone speaks near you. To ensure your office is kept safe from harm during these inevitable occurrences, it’s important to provide your staff with corporate flu shots, such as those included in our onsite vaccinations. Those affected can often tell if they are experiencing the virus by the following:

· Fatigue

· Sore throat

·  Sudden fatigue

·  Dizziness

·  Coughing

·  Sneezing

·  Aches and pains

·  Nasal, lung or chest congestion.
How can Melbourne workplaces provide support for employees?

Corporate flu shots, such as those available from I-IMMUNISE in Melbourne, allow employees to feel a peace of mind in knowing they are protected against this potentially serious virus. Easily spread, it’s critical that corporate leaders invest in supplying the facilities and resources to keeping offices clean, healthy and free of illness. As a result, all businesses can enjoy maximum productivity, even throughout the most at-risk months of the year – winter, for example.

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