Influenza (the Flu) is caused by a virus that is highly contagious spread by fluids produced during coughing and sneezing or direct contact with those fluids on surfaces. It is much more serious than a cold and can takes weeks to recover.



Here are some misconceptions about the flu:

Myth 1: The flu is not serious

Fact: Each year in Australia the flu causes an estimated 1,500 deaths, 18,000 hospitalisations, 300,000 GP visits and 1,500,000 lost work days.


Myth 2: The flu vaccine can cause the flu

Fact: The flu vaccine does not contain any live viruses and therefore it cannot cause the illness.


Myth 3: People that are fit and healthy do not need to get vaccinated

Fact: Anyone can contract the flu and being fit and healthy does not protect you against infection.


Research shows that Flu vaccination effectively prevents 70%-90% of influenza illness in healthy adults and lowers absenteeism by 43%.

Annual immunisation against the flu is strongly recommended by the Victorian Health Department in preventing the spread of Influenza and you ideally need to vaccinate your workers between March and May, before the onset of the flu season. Protection against the flu develops about 2 weeks after the injection and last for up to one year.


It is important to get vaccinated every year as the type of influenza virus circulating in the community change from year to year. Each year a new vaccine is made to protect you from the current strain.


So get yourself immunised and STOP the spread.